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We are not currently planning any litters

We occasionally receive requests from abroad to buy a puppy from us and so far we have sold puppies to Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands . Here is some information in English.

  • -We are a small scale breeder of Swedish Vallhund/Västgötaspets located in the area of Småland, Sweden. Our dogs live with us in our home and our puppies are raised in the kitchen, which is the center of our household.
  • -Our main goal is to breed good and healthy family dogs that will be a companion for many years
  • -We try really hard to choose the best combination of parents to every litter
  • -In Sweden, all puppies are sold as companion dogs. We can’t promise that the puppy will be a star at dog shows or the obedience course
  • -We try to match the right puppy to the right family
  • -We make great effort to socialize the puppies and prepare them for the future with their new families
  • -We do not send puppies on their own anywhere. The prospective owner must come to us and pick up his/her puppy himself/herself
  • -We charge extra for the additional costs and work related to the export
  • -Right now the interest is huge to buy a Swedish Vallhund, and we have a long waiting list

We choose very carefully who we sell our puppies to and therefore, if you are interested to buy a puppy from us, please:

  • -Write an extensive story about yourself with the answers to these questions:
    • –Why do you want a Swedish Vallhund/Västgötaspets?
    • –Do you have any previous experience of Swedish Vallhund/Västgötaspets and / or other breeds?
    • –Where do you live? Country? Name of City?
    • –How do you live? Countryside? Town? Farm, house or apartment?
    • –How is your family situation? Children? Other animals?
    • –What kind of job do you have and how much time do you spend away from home?
    • –If you already have a Swedish Vallhund/Västgötaspets; From which breeder did you buy it? What is the dogs name?
  • – It would be nice if you also sent us some pictures of yourself and your family
  • – Also, please enter your full name, address and phone number



Vårt hus

Vårt hus
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